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What is Abaya?

The abaya cloak also known as Aba is a form of robe-like dress or loose over-garment worn by  Muslim women on special occasions like visiting the mosque and Islamic holidays. Traditional abayas are black and can be both a large square of material draped from the shoulders or head or as an extended kaftan. The abaya covers the complete body besides the head, feet, and palms. Abaya can be styled with a niqāb which is ideally a face cloak masking the eyes.

Types Of Abaya

There are various different types of Abaya. Check below as we have discussed about them briefly here:

The Closed Abaya:

Tradition and ethnicity make a woman stand out in the vivid crowd of irregular cloth cuttings. The closed robe celebrates the classic style which is comfortable and easy to wear. There are no front buttons which makes it a convenient possibility straightforward to slide into when the wearer does not want to wear pants rather opt for tights. You can flaunt Abaya for any occasion by any means of styling the robe as there is no need to worry about buttons.

The barriers being that it is not breastfeeding friendly and can cause movement restriction depending on the cut of the robe

The Open Button Abaya:

Fashion can be truly defined as something which makes the wearer comfortable and confident. The open button Abaya enriches the beauty of the wearer by giving comfort as there are buttons alongside the front. This is an extra popular choice with the following motives being breastfeeding friendly, the flexibility of styling, and easiness of movement.

The cons may be the loosening of buttons over time, requiring you to sew it back. The need to wear the right pants, not handiest leggings because it will show off your legs as you walk.

The Abaya Cardi:

Following the traditional attire is stunning but a touch of modern ideas augments the garment to the pinnacle. The Abaya Cardi is the blend of tradition and intends to create a stylish look attributing the figure of the wearer. The Abaya Cardi comes without front buttons, making it similar to a cardigan and the more current designs. Depending on the design, it may or may not come with the belt or sash. The beautiful attire gives you the power of dressing it the way you want it with pants, skirts, or dresses. Moreover, they are breast-feeding friendly and cause no   issues with  buttons.

The only problem is that it might require more effort in styling and adorn. Further, you might need to put on a top and bottom beneath the Abaya.

The Kimono:

Our clothes speak out the style of the wearer and when it is inspired by an authentic traditional style of other countries, it makes that piece of clothing more inspiring. The Kimono Abaya is just like the Abaya Cardi except that it is inspired just like the Japanese Kimono wherein one side crosses over the other and it comes with a sash. One of the more current designs is in T- shape which gives the wearer the ability to flaunt it the way they want it. Very convenient for breast-feeding and buttons free makes it more comfortable.

The troubles may be the need for an extra effort to style the kimono. While they need to wear a pinnacle and bottom below the Abaya.

The Draped Abaya:

The chic has been followed from the Grecian draped ceremonial dress which is uniquely blended with a modern twist in Abaya design. The draped Abaya meant for unique occasions possess a cushy design. The best part is that it permits the wearer unfastened movement in particular with the smooth flowy fabric that just glides on the skin. The beautiful pattern and flower prints on one side of the abaya, makes it stand out. Abaya becomes more trendy as it has more contemporary designs that complement the leggings.

The rigidness lies in the limited ways of styling it. While the shape makes it non-breastfeeding friendly.

The Two-Piece Abaya

A person always wants the best, whatever it may be and when it is clothing she deserves the paramount. The two-piece Abaya is the maximum worthwhile apparel piece because it’s a 2-in-1 Abaya. You can put on it both ways like a closed Abaya or an Abaya Cardi. As the inner is already sewed to the Abaya, you may simply slip your hand into the armhole and you are ready to go with your types of denim, etc. One of the more modern designs the two-piece abaya makes the wearer look more stunning with the intricate designs complimenting the leggings (if worn as closed abaya). The style is preeminent as there are nearly no issues as it gives the flexibility of styling it. Most importantly the hassle freestyle which has no buttons becomes great for breast-feeding and easy to adorn as Abaya Cardi form.

How to Choose Abaya Online in India

1. According to Body Perfect Size Selection

Before jumping immediately to the size, the first issue that is needed to be realized is your body form. As the wrong form of the Abaya which is probably available for your size but doesn’t fit your body makes you look outrageous. Therefore, it is important to choose clothing according to the body structure which brings out the beauty of the wearer. So, here are the four varieties of body shape for you to discern out which one matches yours

Pear-Shaped Body:

The pear-shaped body is heavy in the lower part of your body. Usually, the butt and thighs are visually bigger than the upper frame. If you have narrow fingers and shoulders while most of your body weight is located around your thighs, hips, or buttocks, you belong to the pear-shaped frame category. The sorts of Abayas that have tight sleeves with flare backside from the waist like editions of Anarkali Abayas or Umbrella Abayas are appropriate for this body type.

Apple-Shaped Body:

This body type is heavy on top and ordinarily has features like the huge torso, wide shoulders, and a complete bust, waist, and upper back typically fall under the Apple Shape frame. You will fall underneath this apple-fashioned figure when you have a heavier higher frame in comparison to your lower part of the frame. People with this frame type typically have vast shoulders, larger bust lines, and that’s why it feels like the weight gathers across the midriff. If you have got this form of a frame, move for loose-forming Abayas or streamlined easy abayas to style up yourself. You should see categories like Butterfly Abaya, Front open Abayas.

Hourglass Shaped Body:

This frame kind is the maximum balanced of all with a proportionate pinnacle and bottom part of the body with a well-defined waistline. So while you search for dresses, pick out the ones that do just that for you, as Hourglass body kinds have a huge bust and hips with a slender waist. If you belong to this body shape, abayas which might be loose fit at the pinnacle and feature wider bottoms like Dubai Abayas are something you must go for to enhance your style even while also maintaining modesty.

Rectangular Shaped Body:

The rectangle-shaped body is normally well balanced from the shoulders to the hips. It is taken into consideration as the most common body shape where ladies have balanced bust and hips. The shoulder and hips might be kind of the same dimension and the waist does not look like an hourglass. So, there isn’t too much of a definition on the silhouette, and it’s fairly straightforward. Women with this body type can put on any shape abaya yet, it is recommended to keep away from flared backside over abayas which gives the wearer a graceful look.

2. You Should Know You Body Measurements

After determining the body shapes it is very important to know the body vitals as incorrect measurements can make the garment excessively loose or tight. Wearing disproportionate clothing can make the wearer look hideous or excessively fat. Therefore the factors which should be measured before buying Abaya are-

Bust: The bust size is the measurement across the torso over the fullest part of the breasts, with the crest of the breast halfway among the elbow and shoulder. The proper manner to measure it’s far to start by placing one end of the tape on the fullest component and wrap it around from underneath your shoulders then to deliver it lower back to where you started.

Waist: The waistline refers back to the horizontal line where the waist is narrowest, or to the overall look of the waist. To properly measure the waist to suit your Abaya always begin at the slimmest part of your waist above your stomach button, and under the rib cage, which is your natural waistline.

Hip: The widest point around your buttocks is called hip. During hip measurement, It is vital to encompass your buttocks and hips. Before measuring, always hold the tape in degree covering the circumference of the hip, wrap it around your buttocks and your different hip, and then lower back to where you started.

Full Length: Measure from the bony protrusion behind the bottom of the neck, immediately down the middle of the back, to the floor. Start by measuring from the middle above the shoulder, then slide on perpendicularly along the facade of the body, to the waistline.

Sleeve Length: The Abayas usually have a long sleeve but improper vitals can make them loose and excessively tight. To measure properly it is best to start from the middle of your back, throughout your shoulder, right down to your elbow, and then on your wrist for your full sleeve measurement.

3. Style of Abaya

Always style your Abaya by way of determining the prints and patterns that suit you best. Make certain your abaya fits well for your shoulders and that the loose match would not overpower you. Belted abayas are designed and shaped for flattering and to emphasize a slender waist. Excessive layering beneath your overlay can damage a streamlined look. Stick to a basic outfit that consists of light-weight materials.

4. Design of Abaya

There are different types of Abaya available in the market which is made from different materials to appeal to the wearers. There are different patterns and cuts which make the traditional abaya spice up and turn them into trendy and comfortable clothing. The designs like A-line, Kaftan, Buttonless cardigan style, Khadi look, Dubai style, designer, embroidered, umbrella cut, Vibrant colors, floral prints, shapes, etc are some of the styles which are preferred by women.

5. Right Fabric of Abaya

Here are some of the fabrics of Abaya that you should be aware of before selecting your favorite.

Cotton Abaya

One of the most common and ready to be had types of abaya is the Cotton Abayas. Cotton is a natural fabric, which has the least quantity of allergic reactions. Cotton abayas a maximum comfortable desire to wear both interior and outdoors. You may want to pair a decorated cotton abaya with matching jewelry and footwear to a party without compromising your comfort.

Nida Abaya

The material is mostly soft and luxurious, the more costly abayas are generally crafted from this fabric. Nidha is available in different textures which makes it unique. The better the first-rate the higher the price of the abaya.

Rayon Abaya

Rayon is a natural material that is prepared from the fiber received from wood tissue or cotton. Its low-priced and handy fiber which is soft and an ideal material for making Abayas.

Crepe Abaya

Crepe is like a silk, synthetic fiber or of wool material with a distinctively crimped and crips appearance. It is a trouble-free material that does not require ironing or steaming. It is right for abayas which are comfortable to be worn for the duration of summers.

Georgette Abaya

Georgette which is made of crepe yarn usually possesses a grainy texture and a sheer feel to it. It is very thin in texture and heavier than chiffon. It is good for abayas as it is durable, but snags easily. Moreover, it drapes very fluidly and falls into smooth ripples.

Kashibo Abaya

Koshibo polyester cloth can be practical, casual, or elegant. The polyester material is a midweight woven fabric which is ideal for knitting abayas. Moreover, it makes abaya look  both informal and elegant. Available in numerous finishes, the cloth holds color nicely and is appropriate for printing.

Jersey Abaya

The jersey material is stretchy knit cloth typically used to make Farasha abayas due to its stunning drape quality. It is also used for abayas that have geared up sleeves.

Viscose Abaya

Viscose is an outstanding option if you are searching out a lightweight cloth with a pleasing drape, a lustrous finish, and a soft feel for Abaya. It is relatively less expensive and may convey luxury for a lower price point. It additionally blends nicely with other fibers like cotton, polyester, and spandex which makes it comfortable.

Denim Abaya

Denim is a cotton thread that is used to make a specific weave. It has warped threads wherein a weft thread is located which makes abayas soft and durable. This pattern of traditional diagonal ribbing on the surface of the material makes denim abaya look trendy.

Net Abayas

The net fabric yarns are knitted, knotted, looped or twisted at intersections. Once you get this stitched, it offers your abayas a top rate look due to the extra material that covers the nook of the material. Moreover,  the net material can make the apparel look more stylish and gorgeous.

Difference Between Abaya and Burqa

An abaya can be defined as a long and loose-fitting robe or cloak which comes generally in black color. It is worn over the clothing and tends to cover the whole body however the face, palms, and feet. Similarly, a burqa is likewise an unfastened outer garment that covers the whole body. However, a burqa is head-to-toe which covers the entire face, with a crocheted mesh grill over the eyes. In addition to the body, the burqa also covers the pinnacle and face.

Where to Buy Abaya Online in India

Check below a few of the key pointers that you should check when you are buying abaya online in India.

Site is Fully Secured or Not: Although every popular shopping website is secured with the aid of their owners, however, before investing your hard-earned money in Abayas, you must see if the web page URL has HTTPS or not. It is important to be able to see a lock icon. HTTPS is a security protocol, in different words, a security certificate issued to websites to secure the connection on the internet. If you see HTTP in the URL that means it isn’t always a secure internet site and we do not advise you to do shopping from it.

Site Policies: It is miles constantly good to test pre-hand that whether or not the site offers free delivery or not. When buying Abayas it should be checked how many days the site takes to ship, does it give cargo tracking details. Further, check what are the go back policies, product trade policies, and others. You have to be extremely careful buying from websites that do not offer change and return options which is very crucial.

Payment Options: If you propose to shop abaya online, you must take a look at what all fee options the web page has to offer. It should typically have debit or credit score card payments, net banking, COD, and other famous secure payment methods. If the website you have landed meets all aforesaid criteria, you can positively proceed with your online purchasing endeavor.

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